Patagonia Hiking Tours

Hiking Patagonia is the Best Way to Get to Know the Southern Hemisphere


It is scientifically proven that walking outdoors is one of the best ways to exercise and get away from any focus of stress. As if that were not enough, hiking is the best way to get to know any place in the world and, especially, Torres del Paine.

At Antares Patagonia, we strive to be one of the best tour companies in Chile, and we know that traveling to the end of the world is a unique experience. We want you to have the opportunity to explore Patagonia’s imposing landscapes with the tranquility and security that only we can give you. We are one of the best local operators to help you if you are planning a trip to Patagonia.

Torres del Paine stands out for its vast areas which can be explored in different ways, but definitely, the best option is through its wonderful trails. In Patagonia, we have hiking and excursion tours depending on the physical conditions of each client and their preferences. Just to mention a few, we offer Trekking, Kayaking, Patagonia hike tours, and Mountain bike tours. We have specialized guides who will escort you at all times and help you with what you need to make your hike or excursion unforgettable.


We Have Multiple Options for Patagonia Hike Tours

We strive to be one of the top Patagonia tour companies and we have many options for you to choose, depending on your time and energy. We have Tours of 4 to 6 days in which you can visit Base Torres (main lookout of Torres de Paine), one of the main attractions of the park. You can also take a lovely 3-to-4-hour hike, along Grey Lake and visit the viewpoint of the Grey glacier and observe the vibrant blue color of its icebergs. In the afternoon, we will end the day embarking on a catamaran, which will take us for two hours through this magical lake surrounded by ice.

If you are willing to walk a little more, on the “Valleys of the W” Tour, you can walk a distance of 19 km, from the entrance of the park to the Ascencio Valley, where you can observe the river of the same name crossing the entire valley. Then, continue walking through forests of native Lenga tree until the beginning of the Glacier Moraine. From this point, we will walk for an hour until we reach the viewpoint of the towers, where you can observe the spectacular pink granite towers and its glacier lagoon. One of the postcards that made them earn their popularity.

On the fourth day of the “Grey Experience”, you will have the opportunity to make an excursion tour with Ice Hike, which starts with 15 minutes aboard a Zodiac boat, to reach the glacier island, located on the west arm of the Grey Lake. After walking for about an hour, you will reach the ice, where you can explore the glacier for 3 hours; time in which you will be able to observe and photograph cracks, rivers, lagoons, and tunnels with their different shades of sky blue color. In addition to that, you can do kayaking around the floating icebergs on the lake and then head towards the east arm of the Grey Glacier to enjoy and contemplate this spectacular setting.


Hike Patagonia and Participate in Multi-sport Activities!


If you opt to have a sportier experience, we recommend the Tour of Patagonia, “Multi-Sport Activity”. This Tour lasts 6 days and you will start mountain biking along the Serrano River to then continue in the Patagonian Pampas, where you can observe different perspectives of the Paine Massif.

For the most daring, in Antares Patagonia Adventure, we offer tours that combine catamaran sailing, hiking through the beautiful trails, ice excursion, and trekking; the perfect combination to enjoy this beautiful park at its best. In the “Amazing Paine” excursion you will find more details of the itinerary, which includes attractions such as the famous W circuit (Torres del Paine, French Valley, and Grey Glacier), the incredible experience of kayaking among the Icebergs of the Grey Glacier and Ice Hiking.



Extended Patagonia Walking Tours to Discover the Beauty of Patagonia


If you want to enjoy all the wonders of Torres del Paine on an extensive tour that includes a lot of walking and excursion, we recommend the “Paine Circuit” with a duration of 10 days in which you will have the possibility to enjoy the main routes of the park. It consists of a 6-10 hour hike around the Paine Massif, crossing forests of Lenga tree where you can often see many native species, such as Southern Parrots, Caiquenes, Guanacos, and Foxes. This is one of our favorite tours of Torres del Paine since it covers a large part of the park and also allows you to observe native flora and fauna, as well as to visit more remote places such as Perros Glacier and its stunning lake.

As one of our premises in Antares Patagonia is to always give you the best, we suggest the maximum challenge: Climbing over the John Garner Pass, to then dive into the forests directly over the huge Grey Glacier. Once on the trail, you will be able to see the glacier peaks and part of the Southern Ice Fields.

We also recommend walking to the French Valley which is known as one of the most beautiful places in the park. Though we are aware it is a route that requires good physical condition, we offer two alternatives to complete it: One consists of completing the entire path in 7 or 8 hours, and the other consists of only reaching the viewpoint of the Valley in considerably less time.

 Paine Circuit – Full Experience: With a duration of 12 days, in this program, you can tour the park extensively with countless hiking trails. You can even visit the Puma Glacier and its surroundings, an uncommon destination that not all tourists get to see.

In Antares, we are always willing to help you plan your trip and best enjoy a Patagonia trek for you to have the adventure of your lifetime.


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