Four to Six Days


Enjoy Base Towers and the Paine Massif

This 4 day tour highlights the visit to Base Torres and Valle del Francés. During your walks you will be able to contemplate the”macizo” Paine, besides having the option to arrive at Campamento Británico and Refugio Chileno. The valley is surrounded by glaciers and a natural amphitheater with granite walls and spirals. You will get to know “pueblito” Serrano and the river of the same name, a place located at the entrance of the park that offers a wonderful view of Paine.


“Explore the valleys of the W circuit”

The W is one of the most popular trekking circuits in Torres de Paine, and in Antares we offer a program that covers the main valleys of this. The 5 day trip will take you through some of the most characteristic places, entering through Laguna Amarga and walking to Base Torres.


“Hikes in Paine and Grey”

This program will take you to different places in Torres del Paine in 5 days, at the same time that you do trekking in trails and practice outdoor sports. During the trip you will visit some of the park’s most popular valleys, having the possibility of being in direct contact with its flora and fauna, as well as getting to know its most iconic postcards.