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For the last 10 years, the number of visitors to Torres del Paine has doubled. People from all over the world want to know and enjoy the incredible landscapes of this National Park; the icon of protected areas in Chile and one of the most famous worldwide.

 Located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region, Torres del Paine has many natural attractions, which have turned it into a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Its imposing mountains, rivers, lakes, and beautiful trails surrounded by native fauna flora, make it one of the must-see destinations for ecotourism lovers.

 This national park can be visited all year round and offers a wide variety of activities to do, such as trekking adventures, navigation, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking circuits, among others.

 In addition to that, there are hotels, shelters, camping areas, and other services available for visitors who decide to stay and do some of our famous circuits, such as the W, one of the most attractive routes, where you can visit the park in 4 or 5 days. Other more adventurous tourists choose to complete the full circuit, called O or Paine Circuit, due to the circular shape of the route. This tour takes a minimum of 8 days to complete and involves a physical and mental challenge for those who do it.

On the other hand, some want to enjoy disconnection and contemplation, without needing to perform any physical activity that can be exhausting. For them, there are plenty of options with our different Patagonia travel packages which adapt to their needs and preferences, from which we also offer some Day Hikes where you can go through the Park trails or even on the Ice.


Interested in Torres del Paine Day Hikes?


What is interesting about a hike is that you can do it alone or with your family and in 1 day, which allows you to go lighter and more comfortable so that you can enjoy the activity you choose without any setback.

Since Torres del Paine stands out for its great diversity of ecosystems, you could opt for a day of navigation on one of its rivers, another for ice trekking, or perhaps combine some hiking and kayaking among icebergs in the same day.

We believe that everything lies in the time you have, in your budget, as well as in your expectations and preferences to visit this amazing place. At Antares Patagonia, a company with more than 20 years of experience doing tours in Patagonia, we can offer you customized group excursions.

Custom-made Full Day: we always recommend that visitors who have never done a Torres del Paine tour, make a full hike day so that they can see the main attractions of the park. We can suggest an entertaining route or design it together, according to your tastes and requests. We can combine hiking and navigation, or, for example, visit the Mirador Grey (Grey Viewpoint), where you will have a privileged view of Lake Grey and the Massif del Paine. Two of the classic settings you should have a picture of.

You will be able to hike along the shore of Grey Lake. We could also suggest visiting Salto Grande or the Nordenskjold Lake Viewpoint.

Base Torres: If you want to have a day of trekking with a little more intensity, without a doubt, you must visit Base Torres del Paine. You will walk along the paths, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the area and arrive after 3 or 4 hours of walking to the base of the three pink granite towers, one of the most famous places of this Park.

Hike in The Grey Glacier: The Grey Glacier is about 6 kilometers wide, a total area of ​​270 km². It is one of the more than 40 glaciers of the Southern Ice Field, and without a doubt, one of the most spectacular attractions of the park you can enjoy hiking on.

This ice Hike is exclusive to our company and has an approximate duration of 5 hours.

The excursion begins with a boat ride towards the island embedded in the middle of the glacier. Once there, you will start a hike that can last between 40 minutes and 1 hour until we reach the access to the ice. This route is uphill on rocky terrain and has medium difficulty. Then, after giving you a safety talk and the basic implements for the tour, you will be ready to explore and observe rivers, lagoons, and tunnels that make up a unique landscape in Patagonia.


Tailor-made Hikes in Torres del Paine


Since our specialty is to offer unique experiences to our clients, the option of a customized itinerary will allow us to organize the best Hike Day option wherever you want. Once we contact our customers, we plan the best travel alternative and create a “tailored” proposal in a couple of days. The idea is that the itinerary meets the expectations of your trip.

Our vast knowledge of the area allows us to take you to discover paths off the beaten track, where you will be able to see the park from different perspectives and observe its flora and fauna at its best. If you are lucky, you could see some beautiful species, such as Pumas or Huemules, the latter is an endangered species and it is protected within the reserve.

In addition to that, and based on the already existing tours of Torres del Paine, we can put together incredible hikes that will take you to explore, among other places, the valleys of the W circuit, where you will start hiking from Laguna Amarga to Base Torres.

You will also cross Lake Pehoe by catamaran, and then you will have the privilege to hike for about 4 hours to the French Valley; an iconic and must-see area of the national park, ideal for those who appreciate walking in the middle of nature.

At Antares Patagonia, we will always offer different hiking alternatives according to our visitors’ taste and physical condition, so that we can make your visit to Patagonia an unforgettable trip.


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