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Take a Tour of San Antonio Oeste and Explore this Amazing Biosphere Reserve

There are various ways to learn more about San Antonio Oeste National Park. Its more than 227,000 hectares, contributed to its abundant geography and variety of environments, allow to value, imposing mountains, a large number of rivers, lagoons, lakes and glaciers. In the last 10 years, the variety of visitors was begged, reaching more than 280,000 people from all over the world, every year. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, due to its extraordinary geography, uses a variety of activities that you can do to get to know it in a different and entertaining way.

How Can Our San Antonio Oeste Tour Operators Help You?

You can do: expeditions, San Antonio Oeste travelling, navigation, river descent, hiking, cruises on horseback glaciers, mountain cycling and ice walking are among the most popular of our Chile trip requests.

Visiting San Antonio Oeste in its entirety, is a genuine challenge, which involves a lot more than 10 days, immersed in the majesty of the park, crossing lakes, glaciers, enforcing mountains and meeting individuals from all over the planet, who looks for to be part of this fantastic experience, which you can visit at any time of the year, as a household, as a couple or alone. And most notably, you have lots of choices to do what suits you best. In Antares Patagonia, a business with 22 years of experience offering the very best trips of San Antonio Oeste, Patagonia trips, and creating custom-made experiences. The programs are focused on individuals who like adventure and nature, with an important concern for safety and take care of the environment.

Within the variety of trips, we have some realities, for those looking to check out the Park in a couple of days and see its main spots. From a complete day, in which you will understand, in a single day, the lovely postcards of San Antonio Oeste travel destinations, others from 3 to 5 and the most complete, that will make you enjoy the park for 12 days, with all the services and activities that you need.

San Antonio Oeste Single and Multiple Local Area Day Tours

Here are some trips that are simply unmissable and recommended if you are around San Antonio Oeste:

Valley of the W: where you can enjoy in 5 days a trip of the Paine Massif, among the most outstanding and necessary postcards of all Patagonia. This is a trip you can take with your family or alone. And in which we configure every day with the objective that you can take in the energy of this natural reserve. Accompanied by our Van, we approach the start of the tracks in order to begin the adventure of an 8-hour (round journey) Trekking to Base Torres, which we ensure you, will be an absolutely extraordinary memory.

You can also cross the beautiful Lake Pehoe on a catamaran and walk to “The French Valley.” 4 hours of hiking will take us to the primary perspective of the Gray Glacier. Among the most enforcing southern ice field. To say bye-bye to the national forest, we will celebrate the end of this experience by offering a delicious pisco sour with millenary ice while sailing aboard a catamaran in front of the glacier walls.

You will have the convenience of oversleeping a beautiful lodge and in a standard park shelter, fully equipped. In addition, we have walking alternatives depending upon the weather condition and your physical conditions.

As we understand that a number of the visitors are inclined to sports activities, we have a program that can definitely fulfill all your expectations. In Multi Activity Sport, you can practice sports in the spectacular location of Patagonia. This experience trip in Patagonia, will take you for 6 days, travelling and hiking to gorgeous valleys, by bike along the Serrano River. Throughout the trip you can see different perspectives of the Paine range of mountains. They can also pedal through the Patagonian pampas. In another of the days, there is a Kayak trip, between icebergs until you see the Gray Glacier.

Two days of kayaking on the glacier and the Serrano River: On this unique 2-day trip, you will be able to live a journey that combines sporting activity and the extraordinary view of the Serrano River and its Glacier, situated on the southern limitation of San Antonio Oeste National Park. We will paddle through really peaceful locations of the Serrano River, we will perform group activities and in the crossing, you will have the ability to observe the lands of National and personal Parks, the plants of the typical cold forest of Magallanes and its associated animals. We will observe the glaciers of the southern ice field in the distance. On the 2nd day, we will move to the Serrano Glacier Lagoon to paddle amongst the icebergs and enjoy their shapes and colors.

San Antonio Oeste Circuit Tours
Paine Circuit Full Experience: if your trip ponders knowing the whole park, this fantastic Patagonia Tour is ideal for you. For 12 days you can live the experience of touring the whole San Antonio Oeste circuit. From the spectacular 8-hour travelling to Base Torres, crossing Lenga forests, where you can frequently see southern parrots, caiquenes, guanacos and foxes. In addition to observing the Paine Massif, we will visit the Dickson Lake and Glacier, from the Southern Ice Field, in addition to the glaciers, Perros and Puma, on an exploratory and exclusive path for our guests.

You will live your greatest obstacle, climbing up over the John Garner Pass and after that falling through forests directly over the huge Gray Glacier. You will sail in a zodiac boat on Lake Gray up until you reach the glacier of the exact same name, and begin a 3-hour hike in San Antonio Oeste on this enforcing ice structure of Patagonia.

And if this were inadequate, the experience continues with a trip in Kayak, paddling around icebergs of Lake Gray, where you can ponder the spectacular landscape that this location provides us. Already in the tail end of this incredible Tour you will have the possibility to make a walk towards the French Valley. A valley surrounded by hanging glaciers and an amphitheater with granite rock walls, distinct in the world. At Antares Patagonia we are recognized as one of the primary tour operators of San Antonio Oeste and encourage your journey to make it the best experience of your life.

As constantly, to all our customers, we propose the possibility of creating your tour or personalized excursion day together. We develop a travel plan that permits a journey that adjusts to the design, tastes, spending plan and needs of the traveler. We help you find hotels in San Antonio Oeste or find suitable accommodations. Our objective is to make you visit San Antonio Oeste, a trip you always remember.

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