Torres del Paine Trek

A Torres del Paine Trek Tour is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

The W circuit is one of the most popular routes, among those who visit Torres del Paine National Park. It was baptized with that letter, by the way of his route, back and forth.

The Torres del Paine Trek is very popular, precisely, because it is not necessary to be an elite athlete to do it, but it is enough to have the desire, the necessary equipment and a good physical condition, to face the 71km distance, You can travel between 4 and 6 days. Depending on the pace you want to take and the weather, which as you know, it is very capricious.

Hiking in Torres del Paine is one of the best ways you have to know some of the main natural wonders of the Park, such as Base Torres, where the classic postcard of the three Pink Granite Towers is captured. You can also see the Gray Glacier and cross the French Valley, known for being the most beautiful valley in the Park and from where you can appreciate the horns of Paine. We assure you, you will not see anything like it. You will enjoy Lagos and trails, surrounded by Patagonian forest and some impressive animals, such as the Culpeo Fox, woodpeckers, condors, and why not, some Puma or Huemul.

The Trek of the W, you can do it in a self-guided way, since the park has well-defined trails and signs that indicate where you are going. However, it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide or take a Tour to avoid getting lost in this immense park of almost 280,000 hectares.

The difficulty of the W trek is medium, because although you do not need experience in mountaineering, if you will need a physical state that allows you to walk up to 8 hours a day and at heights that reach 870 msmn. For what we suggest to prepare you. At the end of the conference, you will need to spend the nights in the park and rest in some of the camping and shelter alternatives within the W circuit. There are some of them that are free, with online reservation (Chilean, Paso and Italian), but generally you must do it months in advance, because the demand to make the W in Torres del Paine, is growing. In Antares Patagonia, we have more than 20 years of experience offering trekking tours in Torres del Paine, so you can rest assured that you will get the best proposal to do it, according to your tastes, time and budget.

The Most Popular Torres del Paine Trekking Tours

Some interesting options are:

View of Paine: On this trekking tour of Torres del Paine, you can discover Base Torres and observe the Paine Massif. It lasts 4 days and begins with a trekking of 8 hours round trip to Base Torres, from where they have photographed, the famous image of this Park. You will also have the possibility of a Trek to the French Valley. The most beautiful of the valleys of this National Park, surrounded by hanging glaciers and an amphitheater of granite rock walls, making it a unique scene in the world.

Amazing Paine: in this daring trekking, you can visit from Laguna Amarga to Base Torres. Also, you can cross Lake Pehoe by catamaran and then embark on a new Trek to the French Valley. 1 hour tour from the island of Gray Glacier, until you reach the ice and embark on a 3-hour hike through the Glacier, observe cracks, rivers, lagoons and tunnels with their different shades of light blue color. A spectacular tour by the W.

Paine Circuit: another of the W trek tours in Torres del Paine, where you can marvel at the Paine circuit for 10 days. Starting our trekking from 4 to 5 hours, around the Paine Massif, then heading through old glacial moraines to our camping site, Serón. The trip crosses Lenga forests and you can often see southern parrots, caiquenes, guanacos and foxes. You will also know the Dickson Lake, coming from the Dickson Glacier, coming from the Glacier of the same name and that is part of the Southern Ice Field. The trail is accompanied by flourishing Notros, making this 6-hour trek a warm walk.

Other options of Tours, such as the Gray Experience, with a 5-day itinerary, which includes trekking through Paine and Gray Lake, hike to the Ascencio Valley, from where the river of the same name is observed, until arriving, crossing the valley, to the refuge Chilean. Lenga's native forests will accompany us until the beginning of the glacier moraine. From this point we will walk an hour until we reach the viewpoint of the towers. The views of the Gray glacier will be a must for this experience, in which we can even do an ice excursion for 3 hours.

Design Your Own Trekking Adventure in Torres del Paine

As our specialty is to offer unique experiences to clients of Antares Patagonia, the option of taking a tour tailored to the visitor is absolutely possible. First, we will get in touch, to know your interests, your time and budget, hotel or lodging needs, and more. Based on that, we will design and propose a tour to suit you, so you can enjoy this wonderful tour in all its splendor.

In Antares, we strive to deliver the best service we can. We have 20 offering the best excursions and tours to our passengers, lovers of adventure and nature. We care above all in meeting your expectations and preferences, to make your stay in Torres del Paine something unforgettable. We always ensure your safety and put a lot of emphasis on the care of this biosphere reserve. Together with the best team of experts, we will accompany you from day one, in this amazing adventure, in one of the most beautiful and remote places in the world.
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