Trekking Patagonia


Patagonia Trekking Tours to Exercise your Body and Mind on the Southernmost Place on the Planet!


Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia is one of the most beautiful and southern areas of the world. Those who have been there say it is also the perfect place to practice and enjoy trekking. As a leading Chilean tourism agency in Patagonia, we are dedicated to safe, exciting and unforgettable adventure tours.

Come Join Us in for Trekking Adventures in Patagonia

At Antares Patagonia, we have more than 20 years of experience as a Patagonia tour operator dedicated to adventure tourism, offering various outdoor sports programs.

Our trekking options offer some of the best Patagonia tours in 2022 and they are one of our most requested activities. Since it is one of the most complete physical activities there exist, in which you not only exercise, but you also benefit your cardiovascular system and well-being in general. It is proven that direct contact with nature and staying away from the stress, noise and pollution of large cities, improve the well-being and happiness in people. We are sure of it, so we undoubtedly want you to experience trekking in this beautiful southern area.

Our trips cover a great part of Patagonia with a variety of trekking, hiking, and Patagonia walking tours that can be customized to people and their different preferences. Our programs are focused on people who love adventure and show great concern for safety and care for the environment. This, along with our extensive experience, makes us one of the most reliable Trekking agencies in Patagonia and the region. We have Trekking tours in Torres del Paine, part of the Chilean Patagonia, in the majestic Monte Fitz Roy, in the Argentine side, as well as many other corners of an immense beauty in the Magallanes region.


Guided Trekking in Chilean Patagonia


Among the large number of tours available we can recommend, without a doubt, two trekking programs in Chilean Patagonia that stand out:

 Valley of the W: a 5-day tour you can take with your family or on your own, where you will be delighted by the majestic Paine Massif, one of the most impressive and requested locations of all Patagonia. In an 8-hour trip (round trip), you will be taken by van to the beginning of the trails of Base Torres to start an amazing adventure. You will be able to cross the beautiful Lake Pehoe on a catamaran and hike through the French Valley; a valley surrounded by hanging glaciers and a unique amphitheater made of granite rock walls. Finally, 4 hours of hiking will take you to the main viewpoint of the Gray Glacier; one of the most impressive glaciers from the Southern Ice Fields. To bid farewell to the national park, we will celebrate the end of this adventure by giving you a delicious Pisco Sour with millenary ice while sailing aboard a catamaran in front of the glacier walls.

At the end of each day, you will sleep in the comfort of a beautiful lodge and a traditional park shelter, fully equipped.

It is also worth noting that we have hiking alternatives depending on the weather and physical conditions of our visitors.

“Amazing Paine” is another interesting trek in the Torres del Paine National Park, which includes the famous route from Laguna Amarga to Base Torres, where you will get views of the three pink granite towers and capture the most famous photograph of this biosphere reserve. You can also combine these treks with other types of activities, such as kayaking and Ice hiking. If you prefer, we can design a tour or excursion to your needs, not necessarily following the established programs.

In Patagonia, the king of trekking tours is the famous circuit of the W, which is named after the shape the route follows. It is a 4 to 6-day hike, where we can assure you that you will not see anything like it in any other part of the world.  We offer different alternatives to complete this circuit. For instance, the “Valleys of W” program, where you will explore this circuit through its stunning valleys. Starting with a trek to Base Torres, the most popular location of the reserve, to then continue to Lake Pehoe and the French Valley; a valley surrounded by hanging glaciers and a unique amphitheater made of granite rock walls.  You will also have the chance to walk along the beautiful Gray Lake (3-4 hours, 11 km) with magnificent views to the Gray Glacier and the icebergs that emerge from it.

We program each tour with such dedication so that all of our visitors can soak up the energy that this natural reserve provides.


Argentine Patagonia Trekking Tours

If you want to take the opportunity to get to know both the Chilean and Argentine part of Patagonia in a single tour, then we recommend the incredible “Paine and Fitz Roy” itinerary, which contemplates the main attractions of both zones of Patagonia. In Chile, the 8-hour trekking from Laguna Amarga to the base of Torres del Paine, and also the trek to the French Valley are just a fantastic option to enjoy the beautiful scenery this zone offers.

Already in the Argentine sector, you will marvel at the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier and the beautiful “Los Huemules” national reserve, which will invite you to start the trekking towards the Fitz Roy massif. From there, you will hike to the “Poincenot” camp through Lenga tree forests and skirting the Blanco River. At the camp, it will be necessary to leave some of your luggage to travel lighter, so that you can continue the hike until Chalten, more specifically to Laguna de Los Tres, where you will get a better and closer look to this impressive mountain.



What Gear Should Patagonia Trekkers Bring With Them?


To start any trek in Patagonia you must consider that the weather is erratic and it is common for you to be surprised by rain or strong wind at any time, so let us remind you what you should bring with you for any mountain excursion:

  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Trekking/Hiking shoes.
  • Trekking Poles
  • Quick-drying t-shirts and shirts.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Waterproof pants.
  • Polar jacket.
  • Neck warmer or scarf.
  • Lip balm.
  • Cotton t-shirts.
  • Wool or fleece gloves.

 At Antares, we know that Patagonia is full of stunning landscapes that will most definitely leave you speechless. We invite you to live the journey of your lifetime.